In B's words, i was quite "bitchy" tonight. In a way, he was right cos I seldom behave irrationally or throw a tantrum. I don't think i was pms-ing. Most likely it all started from the ginger tea that i made for him as both of us are nursing a bad cough. And he nicely and persistently rejected me, which made me really upset. With the slight upset sensation still lingering, i excitedly wanted to share with him about Shaw Premiere. And without even listening, he alr gave like a boo/bad reaction.

And that was when i felt the soreness cos earlier today he was just telling me that he went for Gold Class to catch a movie eons ago which cost $28. To me, it came as a total surprise for me cos even now when we watch movie, and had to pay a tad more for internet booking, about $13, he will be complaining how expensive it is. And obviously, he must have brought a date to the Gold Class. And now when i was sharing about Shaw Premiere which cost about $25, he just shush me & said ee so expensive.

So duh, of cos i was really bitter about it. It was never about the money. And not because i crave for such extravagant luxury. But somehow maybe its just the feeling like "why is it expensive with me, but not when with others? Am i less derserving?"

Oh well… pardon my late night rants. This is no biggie actually, neither did we quarrel over this. Though im still feeling bitter or bitchy or whatever you call it.

Maybe im just in a messed up mood altogether cos im only extremely worried about whats gonna happen tmrw. Sigh pie.

Night world.


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