Bee-Kay-Kay Day 3 to 5!

(Continued) The 250baht ($10) massage at Bluespa was so good n cheap that we really enjoyed it. But poor B developed feng mo when we returned to hotel that night, must be skin allergy and heat!

Day 3 we finally gave up trying to wake up as early as the folks since the malls arent open that early anw! Slept till bout 9 odd bkk time and realise the folks woke up at 6odd and alr had their shopping and brekkie done in pratunam area near our hotel haha! Went to the highly raved about famous wanton mee stall for our brekkie..

Sad to say, i think its overrated! Because the only reason why its so fragrant is because they spammed the zhu you zha i.e. lard -.- Would very much prefer the soup bee hoon street stall that we chanced upon nearby. At least its something new which we have no clue how to replicate the same dish lol. Headed to Terminal 21 as the boy been saying that he wanted to check it out. Surprisingly, we did manage to snap some cheap buys e.g 3 berms at $30?!?! And I grabbed a denim crochet top at $7!

As it was too early to head to the night market, we decided to make a trip to Union Mall instead! But it was also during the same time when B started having really bad diarrhoea and running to the toilet frequently. Indeed Union Mall didnt disappoint as i really love the stuff there! Pity i seemed to be the only one enjoying myself there though as its not the folks' kinda thing and B was unwell. Eventually we decided to skip the night market and head back hotel early for him to have a good rest!

Poor boy was really sweet. Despite feeling really unwell and all for the entire day, he insisted on lugging all my loots for me, putting every single of my shopping bag into his shoulder sling until it became so bulky and causing a bad body ache. And carrying all the paper bags too. Making me feel so bad because i get to shop and stroll like a boss with empty hands and bags. Whereas he was totally looking like this! -.*

Day 4 we woke up at 9-ish and headed to Chatuchak! The crowd was mad packed as usual! We skipped our brekkie for fear that eating any other foreign food will caused us discomfort or diarrhoea that will spoil our day at Chatuchak. So poor thing right! But guess we still couldnt resist and bought garlic bread and kebab. And B's stomach started acting up again, so i persisted and persisted and finally manage to convince him to let me carry his backpack (which had my bags in it).

He finally felt better for a mere 10minutes after he got all his burden off him and went into a shop to view caps. I happily stepped in too but who knows what happen in the next minute totally caught me off guard.

I felt discomfort, my mind was in a whirlwind and i see my vision blurring out slowly. It was one hell of a shocking experience! As i felt that i was so close to passing out! I quickly told B that "i need to sit. I NEED TO SIT!" And just slumped down on a seat which i vaguely make out out of the silhouette that i can hardly see. It was only after a good 5minutes of rest then my vision started returning. Scary shit! This came on and off for like at least thrice.

Turns out that B said it must be heat exhaustion/heat stroke as the sun was really scorching hot. So he quickly found me a seat at a nearby drinks stall, took back his backpack, and tried all means to cool me down by putting ice cold drinks on my head and neck lol. Sigh i swear it was really a scary experience, never felt so weak before. So there goes our experience at Chatuchak – 2 weak souls with not much mood to shop lol.

Headed back to hotel to wash up and have a rest. Suggested to go MBK as his dad been wanting to check it out. Brought them there eventually although everyone was like dead tired! So B suggested that we sent the folks back to hotel after this while we head to the vintage night market ourselves. B has been quite apprehensive about the idea because that place is really far, and we had to take a taxi (thanks to the tuk tuk scams, he kinda lost faith in their pte tpt). Thank goodness i persisted!

The coolest hipster place I've been to in Bangkok – Talad Rot Fai Vintage Train Market. I would strongly recommend this place to all my friends even though it is indeed quite a distance away from the shopping area. Quite a couple of taxis rejected us the moment they hear about it because it takes about a 30min car ride, 150baht from Pratunam area? Definitely worth a visit though! Heard that it opens only on weekends from 5pm-12mn.

But im doubting it because the place still looks bright and buzzing when we left the place at midnight. You'll be amazed by the size of this market and it comprises of both brick-and-motar shops as well as those tentage stalls. The whole place seems so huge and never-ending that we had to give up exploring every stall simply cos of our tired mind and legs. Every single shop is a vintage gem, im not kidding. I've never seen a place with soooo many themed vintage cafes before!

Just look at this picture! What i like is at the open market, all the stalls were backed with a vintage vehicle behind whereby they just simply unpack the goods and lay them in front for sale and browsing. Damm cool! 我喜欢 ! I think we snapped like a million photos using my digi cam because every single step we take is a photo opportunity.

Another retro vintage soda van spotted! There were a lot of antiques, retro vehicles and furnitures too. Pity i was looking ao shagged n cui at night else i would have really taken the chance to pose with the rare finds there. Regretted not going there earlier to chill at their cafe or bars too. 😦

Holy moly! Cool looking vehicles! Another reason why i love this place was because it is not very well known by foreign tourists (yet) so most people we see there are theie locals. Hence, it isnt super crowded, and it leaves a comfortable amount of space to be able to shop and browse at ease without being rushed or pushed or squeezed. Not to mention, the whole place has quite an open concept and it was super windy that night, making night market shopping a pleasure hehe

Just some deco which i found really cool. One of the cafes had a spiderman pig as a mascot outside too! Too bad i dont have it in my phone, will upload that on fb one day! Haha..there goes my last night in BKK. Back to hotel about 1am and KO right away 😉

Im so tired now, guess i'll just zonk out and update about last day tmrw. Ciao!


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