Its the last day at work today! Such a weird feeling~ These few weeks ive been so busy and slow at replying messages because there's just like a zillion tasks for me to do! Yesterday was spent running around visiting the dentist and meeting clients. Deeply touched by the hospitality of some of my clients. Felt really rewarding that my hard work and sincerity in helping and supporting them was appreciated, thats all that matters πŸ™‚

Little gift from me to the lovely colleagues – customized cake pops! Was so glad that i managed to get this done and kudos to Petite Sweets for rushing my last min order for me. Imagine i only emailed them my request on Mon evening, exchanged a few mails, confirmed the customization details on Mon night & asked to collect the next day! Best of all? No min qty! Wanted to customize a minion but time was really too short so i settled on a smiley cos' thats the last impression/note i wanna leave w/

This is not a Goodbye but a 'See you soon'. Thanks for everything, keep in touch! πŸ™‚

Lil note that i stuck to each cake pop πŸ™‚


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