Good Morning World! Its such a weird feeling of waking up to no Monday Blues but at the same time, living day by day, not knowing whats in the pipeline lol. Just hope i can hear some good news this week!

Experienced something out of the blue yesterday evening with the boy after our Godzilla movie at Marina Square! Headed to the korean mart because i wanted to buy gochujang and rice cakes to make army stew next weekend or sth. When we paid at the cashier and were about to leave, i overheard the commotion btw the cashier and another sales assistant. They were mumbling, and saying theres no Koreans here blah blah.

Just as we walked a distance away, i turned back and saw the sales assistance standing at the shop entrance with a lady pushing the stroller and asking customers who stepped in, whether they can speak Koreans. Somehow, my instinct told me that the lady pushing the stroller seems like a Korean who needed help with translation. Saw a couple stopped n spoke to her and thought they found help. Briefly told Dav and he asked me to go forward n help.

I was quite apprehensive to help because its been eons since I last attempted to speak Korean!! Literally years. Lol. And i was really doubtful that i could be of any help. Further, i thought they managed to get help. But after observing for awhile, i realised they all looked super helpless still. Soooooo… i walked over, the sales assistant told me that they need help with translation. The Korean lady quickly turned her attention to me and starting spewing Korean words to me lol.

It felt exactly like i was back in Korea. Thankfully i could understand what she was saying. But problem is, i can't give fluent and complete Korean replies lol. So i ended up replying her in my short Korean phrases. Turns out that she was looking for a cake shop. It was quite misleading initially because she kept saying "cake..bbang..suengill..darle.." And i thought she wanted to find a cake shop to buy a birthday cake for her daughter sleeping in the stroller.

And nobody could help me when i asked the sales assistant if there is any cake shops nearby. So i told the lady that im not sure, and she was immediately so scared that i will leave her there alone. Her expression tells it all – fear and uncertainly. And asked me to bring her with me. Brought her all the way to information counter so that i could ask for cake shops on that level. Walked past Hans having cakes displayed, she gestured to me tt its cakes like that and continued walking.

Deng deng deng deng. Thats when i realised she is actually looking for a particular cake shop! Tried to chat her up further with my 三脚猫korean then she finally told me that she wants to look for this cake shop where she was with the baby's parents celebrating her 3months birthday. She brought the baby to the toilet and lost their way back to the cake shop! Her daughter married a Singaporean man, hence she flew over to visit. As we walked towards Lady M, e only other cake shop on the same level…

she finally saw her daughter and son-in-law walking towards us. Indeed they were at Lady M! The sight of their reunion was really priceless. Glad my Korean was put to good use. Cant imagine the anxiety the ahjumma had to go through alone because she couldnt even speak a single English word.


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