Time to adjust back to my work body clock! Felt like i didnt have enough sleep this morning lol. Thanks for all the good luck messages peeps! 1st day at work, lets go!

Seems like its gonna be an orientation day for me? Was brought around the coy for a short walk, just ONE level only and im like lost already. Lol corporate culture 就是不一样!Pray hard that i get a good seat at some corner!

So far so good! Though im getting pretty bored sitting around not doing much while they set up my system and desk for me. Met the two team members that I'll be working closely with, and they seemed really really nice. Feels good to be in a company with an organised structure as well. I get proper pantries, new stationery, nice toilets etc! Getting positive vibes about this place, please stay this way!

Feeling happy despite being down with a migraine cos' i managed to get those chained loafers!! Muahahaha. Also glad that B called and we talked non-stop sharing about our day for 40mins. Its times like these which i appreciate most. No matter how busy we might be or with our schedules clashing, we made time for each other.

Thankful for a good day. Please gimme some productive work tmrw!


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