3rd day of work only and OT till 8pm liao! Hahahaha but im not complaining 😉
At least its the productive kind of busy y'know. Teehee!

Surprisingly, ever since I started work and got busy, B seems to show his affection even more. Very thankful and glad and hope things could stay this way. We get to text even lesser during work these days. Sometimes i get caught in meetings for hrs like today, and when i returned, i see 3missed calls and occasional msgs. Whats even more amazing was that the boy told me to go know more friends in the coy but told me not to give attn to guys who try to xian me lol!

It is something pretty rare bcoz he was never really bothered bout such things before. And after a long day of his work and school at 1030pm for the past 3days, he would call and ask about my day and talk for 1.5hrs! 我想他电话费爆了! Its always such a gd feeling when ppl come to you, ask about you and listens to you isnt it?

Just hoping that my work could stabilize soon so that i can get down to arranging meetups with le friends!


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