Feeling lousy. Like seriously. Me aint a puppet yo.

Is something wrong with Dayre? Why isnt all my photos and posts appearing properly since last night? Super pek cek, been wanting to update since ytd and cos of that i missed the 良辰吉日!!

The uni girlfriends were so sweet last night! Little did i know that they can still surprise me even when i already know what im gonna get for my bday (or so i thought). Sometime back they asked me what i want, and i privately told pris that i really want to get the Micro Essence but its freaking $140!! So i told them to get me the idealist illuminator since its more within our usual budget. Who knows these girls said that they think we arent xmm anymore so they got me a bigger gift teehee

Im happy not just because i got the Micro Essence earlier than expected (was pretty adamant on buying it myself aft my jul pay), but the lil tots and effort put behind the surprise. Telling me that they alr bought the illuminator which they didnt, and got me another new thomas sabo charm for my collection! So blessed 🙂


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