On PM leave going for my dental crowning right now! Feelin' super duper unsettled within me haha, damm scary la to go hospital for dental zzz.

Finally have the time to update my Dayre over the happening weekend though..

A day before the boy's birthday, i dropped him a note in our Lovebyte app, partial post below.

In the note, all i told him was what to bring (left out clothes cos that would be too obvious that its a staycation!), where and what time to meet on his birthday. Purposely decided to write in a 3rd party perspective to make things more fun. Btw LOMF means love of my life. Hahaha and i love how sporting he was cos he commented on this note with his reply in the same tone and signed off as LOYL. Lolol.

Woke up super early on Saturday, packed hell lots of bags (my clothes, his clothes, card games, drinks, utensils, and the list goes on) Went to Plaza Sing to grab cake from Rive Gauche and booze from the supermarket before lugging everything to Concorde Hotel for check-in. The hotel wow me in every aspect, given its price. For $220, an executive room w balcony, free buffet breakfast and in room fifa world cup entertainment, i would say its a steal! My favourite is the fluffy pillows! Comfy max!

Super love all the ootd shots taken in the room! Picked up the boy near Istana and brought him to the room, surprised was the only expression on his face haha

Brought him downstairs to Escape Hunt Singapore for his next surprise! All i can say was it was a really fun experience, being locked up tgt in a room and helping each other to solve the clues and mission in 60mins! It was rlly pretty challenging, tougher than what i expected. Thank goodness we got out 3mins before time ends!


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