Morning everybardi!! Im on my way to MINDS for the launch event of our CSR – 4G4Good. Im pretty psyched yet nervous because its been eons since i got back to CIP and visting homes. I rem years back when i was first visited MINDS, i was quite emotionally hit. Lets hope the event could go well today and the students can learn sth useful from us 😉

Sigh worried as hell. The boy has been pretty upset lately cos of his bro's condition. Seems like its not a major issue and is recovering well. But what leaves people more worried is the huge financial burden thats left behind. I was consoling him and being v optimistic about it. Afterall i have to be stronger than him to exude +ve energy to perk him right? But after a phone call with Karen, im begining to worry myself. Have no clue why the bro was transferred from CGH to Gleneagles for surgery.

But the bill in Gleneagles alone is alr about a whopping 53k. Whats even more worrying is, the bro has no insurance except a bare basic ntuc incomeshield which hardly covers much. How now brown cow? Just when we are saving so much for our own rainy day and our future, this has to happen. Think no need to imagine a future liao. Just hoping n praying that most are insured and we dont get a shock from the bill when he is discharged tmrw.


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