Weekend was so good!! Had to OT on my friday night but still, i managed to rush to marina sq suki-ya to meet the gfs for dinner! Released all my pent up stress for the week and feast like nobody biz. Spammed and ate like 6 trays of meat on my own till the girls got a shock hahaha. Got my long champ bag from them heh, its discontinued and sold out in whole of paris n london! But thank goodness shiru managed to get it in london airport for me

My girls! Very awesome belated bday pressie indeed..

And Sat was good in every way too, cos the boy suggested to go for manicure, did classic pedicure WITH ME and paid the $80 bill. As in, he really decided to try classic pedicure while i do my manicure.Totally like a pampered girl cos after that for the next two hrs, he was helping me to take my stuff, tap my ez link, bent down and wear my sandals for me yada yada. A bit kua zhang la and of cos i declined, but oh well sometimes its quite hard to convince this boy when he's so set on sth.

The feeling is really different too i think! If he's just there sitting n waiting for me to get done i'll prolly say no. But he was sitting beside me, doing it tgt with me, choosing colours and giving his opinion. Machiam my new jiemei lol. Anw i tried this metallic silver and a hot pink colour, so in love with both. And so he suggested why not you do both colours, 4 fingers 1 colour and let silver be the odd one out as the star lol. 几厉害一下!

Today was family day as we celebrate granny's bday at Dian Xiao Er! Seeing how granny and grandpa have aged, i got pretty emotional within me. Imagine seeing how my grandpa had so much difficulty crossing a road to NEX and getting to the restaurant, having to rest 5-6 times along the way, panting and all…Really gotta spend more time with them. For once, i really felt like im an adult with heavy responsibility sitting on my shoulders.

Just got my salary last week and i grabbed a stack of bills to AXS machine to pay off together with withdrawal of cash for my parents. 1K gone..poof! 做大人真难 ~ reminds me of an S.H.E song…….any guess? Lol


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