Sometimes i feel like i'm the extra person. Or i feel like i'm missing out on a lot of stuff. Or maybe all friendship and relationship is indeed still defined based on the quantity of time you spent talking (quality or not) As much as i want to reconnect with friends, 最近的我真的很累。累到没有心思管任何事物。累到每天加班到抱着头痛回家。累到和男朋友好不容易约会都要中途用手提电脑或手机回复电邮。累到从不睡过头的我到频频睡过闹钟,周末和男友在一起时都想睡觉。Hmm not sure if im making any sense or feels like im just blabbering words in my disoriented state.

Bf says he's worried about me.. Truth be told, im worried myself too. This whole time management thing is getting quite crazy when i dont even dare to setup any social meetups, everything's all spontaneous. In any case, all i wanna say is..my guiding philosophy is 朋友终究是朋友,只要没人嫌弃,永远都是我的朋友。Okkk indeed my disoriented mind doesnt know how to express my thoughts cos its bedtime..

Good night World, may tomorrow be a better day.


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