Omgggg so excited that i have to take a min to post this in the midst of my OT. Dad whatsapped me this image earlier, my Taobao loots are here!! Wahahaha humongous like duno what, bag of 13 items i think. They took like only 3days to ship this from China, on Mon, so fastttt. Wheeee!

Pretty happy today! Cos' i managed to clear quite a bit of work and moved on to another campaign. Gonna be working with radio stations leh haha..excited. Doing a briefing with the DJs this Friday and a studio recording next Tues and see cai li lian!! šŸ˜€ Though i can already forsee an upcoming storm and mad rush coming soon…..but aiya heck la, lemme enjoy my short lived happiness tonight and have my dinner in peace heh #runningman later!


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