Our new toys are here!! Thanks to the boy, finally got to own a kick scooter of my own! Tbh, i never really played one…think my childhood no life one leh, everything also never play lol. The boy suggested to get these for us so that we can go on scooter dates and save on transport. He scooted to the mrt station this morn and took him only 4mins! Awesomeee, now no need wait for the damm 63 bus alr lol. This adult scooter trend is really up and coming. Psyched to try this tonight! No OT pls!!

Oh on a side note, i spent close to 30mins unwrapping my loots last night till i pek cek lolol. So much tapes one!! Most of the items are nice, especially the tops and my mad chio polka dotted top, the cutting v sleek! I think the only disappointing buy was the bikini suit, machiam pampers or what not, dont even wanna try lol. Anw this was my shopping budget for Jul pay, spent about $120, think quite wu hua la!

I walked out of the office at 6.40pm today, and the sky is still bright. Can you imagine how happy i was?!?! Muahahaha


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