So thankful for having the people around me and the boy with me today. We both had a long and tiring week and yet he had to wake up early today to accompany me for my work while he loiters around. With no complaints. And to the chalet too even though he might be the odd one out with nth much to do. But feel so comforted that he tries so hard to keep himself occupied and to blend in and respected all my friends.

He was the one who told us this "if all it takes is a simple 5mins to make everyone go home happy, get things over n done with, to the back of our heads, without feeling bad, or sian, then why not?!" And he spontaneously and enthusiastically volunteered himself to be in the video, talking, leading and accomodating. It was such an epic moment. Indeed, after that everyone was happy and ended things well. So glad for him to be around. Such a good unexpected late night HTHT!

Came home and this was the boy, total shagged out for the early morning and labour today lolol. Its so funny that i had to dayre this, the boy jerked in his sleep earlier and i gently stroked his face. And he immediately shot up in his sleep mode, peck me a good night kiss on my lips n said "good night baby" and went back to KO. This was his 2nd time doing it tonight, i think he autopilot liao hahahahaha

My mad chio darling girl last night. 长大了!!

New converse kicks from the boy after he seen my blue-black toe nail after the intensive kick scooting last weekend lol. Now that reminds me, forget to pay him 10cents!! Zzzz not sure when i would see him next, maybe i should ibank him lol.

Argh~ Everytime when i couldnt have dinz at the boy's house, his dad would coincidentally prepare a seafood feast. Lol so many times liao!! Wanted to bring my parents out for dinner tonight and his father said "eat first then go la! CRAYFISH tonight leh…" sometime back also like that, he bought like a hell lot of crabs lol 没有口服!


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