I realised… work has been pretty depressing honestly. Not sure if its a me-issue, or a coy-issue or just a time-issue? But i havent been very happy lately, and the boy is getting more worried. Its not like theres nothing for me to learn. There's plenty… but somehow the process and workflow is a pain. Everything is in a mess, so tired of rushing every single day for god knows what, when all these could have been solved with better planning. For once, i feel so powerless.

And now i have to work every weekend. Le sigh. Hmmm, lets revisit and see what happenings recently are worth a mention though!

Last Sat – had a date with the boy and finally brought him to all the places that i've been saying that i want to bring him to for the longest time! Ramen at Novena sq and shiok maki at wisma! We did a scootering date as well from Ubi to Punggol end and back to Ubi. From 10-3am. Freaking tired but had such a good HTHT!

Last Sun – i happily slept till 2pm and woke up in shock. Went to work for a little and headed home with the boy. Hooked to the korean drama Good Doctor with the family and surprisingly the boy loves it so much lol. Ended up streaming on my comp and chiong a few episodes till like 1am.

Mon – slept so late and of cos Mon i woke up like a dead fish lol. Managed to escape ofc early to head for step up gala premiere. Wahhh… the movie sucks so much. So glad it was free lol


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