Writing this while lying on my bed because i finally got to take a short break like this, but from a wrong reason i guess. Anyways, am on compassionate leave today and Mon. Rushed over to have a last look at granny and there she was lying on her bed, covered in blanket with a peaceful look on her face. The death cert says she is 100yrs old this year, imagine how far has granny come…. Guess this is for the better, to rid her of all pain and suffering and that she'll be in a better place.

Like i said, it was a very very eventful day. Managed to grab a dinner with the bestie @sitianwong and i was so glad to see her. Think i was so excited to talk to her and have so much to share that i kept coughing non-stop. But after we parted, im back to normal! Supply & Demand never fail to disappoint. Shall bring tje boy to the esplanade outlet as i heard that has a better ambience. Happy to bump into Emily too! So funny that when i sat down, em called me and ask "what are u ordering?"

The boy is also confirming his stay in India by 4 more days! Which means he'll only be back on Wed, wish he was here with me.


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