Reading @joycetoh latest dayre post reminded me of a long htht cum scooter night that I had with the boy about one week ago. He likes to randomly ask me "what do you like about me? 我哪里好?" (yes it's a role reversal, he is the one who ask such qns usually lol)

And I told him this, "I don't have an answer because like means like, there isn't any one thing that I like in particular. So he replied me "Wahhh…. Good answer. No wonder none of my past relationships worked."

"Cos everytime i ask this, all my ex-gfs can answer without thinking e.g. good looking la, caring la.. All the on-the-surface things" lol guys also ask trap qns one pls!

Good thing that happened to me today: the boy's shipment finally arrived, countdown 3 more days before he is back!! Made an appt at salom vim this fri, lets see if i can really do sth drastic? Hah

Bad thing that happened to me today: i always knew things r very versatile and everchanging but never did i expect that it will be so bad. Changing the whole campaign so easily?! Wasted my past week of effort man. Shit happens.


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