So shagged today! Gosh i need to sleep at like 8pm tonight i think.

Am i slow or what? Just realised Dayre has a sticker store like LINE now. Oh and btw, love the new Lovebyte app! The interface is pretty cool to scroll through shared moments from a story book. You can even see the other party's battery level, location and weather. And they have a newsfeed where the team shares some cute couple activities lolol

Gonna be relying a lot on Lovebyte to leave digital mail for the boy these few days because our schedule is so different. Chennai is like 2.5hrs behind us, so while he's up for a quick brekkie, im busy slogging my ass off at meetings. After which he leaves for his work, super long hours like 12hrs? By the time he's back its like 5am in SG. Super hard to have a conversation because its mostly just very delayed reply. Heng not long term LDR!!

Assymetric bob!!!


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