Sundate was so good! Felt like its been eons since we last had a good date. Went to Bali Lane to have our lunch today. Decided to try Choo Choo Chicken and its yummehh! No regrets. Its a very small little eatery opened by Koreans, they sell chicken and some small snacks like tteokbokki. Lunch promo set cost only $8.90, comes with drums and buffalo wings and rice that taste like kimbap lol. Make me miss the chicken in Korea so much.

Went over to next door to Stateland to have the much raved about waffles. Been wanting to try it for the longest time, so glad the boy was so sporting even thou he doesnt have a sweet tooth at all. But he finished like one entire hazzlenut toast himself!

Fluffy and crispy waffles!

This tasted even better than the waffle actually, but quite oily and jelat after awhile!

The boy's new trick to cover up random photobombers lolol

Shopping in bugis to look for my shoes, bought a pair of open toe wedges in cotton on quite reluctantly. Went new look and saw a nice pair of pumps but didnt want to buy it cos i already bought a pair previously and it cost like $50 -.- in the end the boy just took the pair and went to pay at the cashier. mega love this boy!

maze runner kept me entertained the whole time, certain parts both me and the boy shout damm loud lol. paiseh max, cant wait for pt2!


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