Release the beast!! Hahahaha GG lor, come to town and spent so much liao haha. Msselfridge this season's collection is chio, saw a cropped top with embellishments but cant bear to spend $70 on a top. Cropped somemore!

Saw another sleeveless tee with embellishments at Cotton On, basic but with bit of detailing, love this kind so much! But damm angsty. There's three colours. Each time i took a colour to the mirror to see, this china lady also take that exact same colour next. For all 3 ok!

Missing the boy quite a bit tonight, and so far its only like the 3rd night? Oh well guess its the chilly weather and rainy season that exemplify this feeling. Every night we would talk before bed, be it phone call, video call or just a simple text message without fail. But now he's outfield, in such bad weather and have limited access to phone, makes today the 1st exception..

But thankfully! He sent me couple of photos and videos earlier in the evening, so not too bad! hehe


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