Oops i did it again. Almost blackout again earlier, in Orchard this time

Was happily trying on sunnies in Tangs, went all of a sudden i just feel super uncomfortable. Slight dizzy spells and just felt that sth was not right so i told the boy and he thought i was joking initially. Then i started clinging to his arm and leaning on for support and for like 30seconds, my vision starts to fade, voices started to fade into the background, could only vaguely hear the boy talking to me about his oakley shades and the salesman telling me how good it was.

Next second i just heard the salesman asking if i was ok. And at the same time the boy already knew something was not right. Cos according to him i just stayed still and my face was turning pale including my lips. Truth be told i didnt dare to move a bit because i tehnically had no vision in front of me though still conscious but giddy. Hai sian, spent the time resting, squating on the ground and the boy taking care of me. 😦

I told myself im not going to experience this dehydration/low sugar blackout shyt after the one in Chatuchak. Who knows the 2nd time came so quick, twice in a year!

But on a happier note, the boy was really 体贴. He told me this "no matter how unglam it is, or if theres a lot of people looking or judging us, i dont care, i just need you to be well." wah sweet hor? he said this because initially i didnt want to squat in the middle of nowhere in tangs/taxi stand and some other random places where there are people walking everywhere. On the way home, he asked me about HDB too.

Read some article that it would be out next year 2nd half.. And the boy told me its may 2015 cos he had a sergeant who was also aiming it and asked him to keep him updated if got any news. But last night our friend told us that theres an upcoming sales launch in feb 2015 just right beside macpherson mrt! sounds cool eh? cos we can get the priority near to his parents and he said if its cheaper i can buy my higher floor. Came home he told the parents abt it and dad asked us to go buy.

And said his elder bro is going to buy a studio apt or 3R there as well. Said would be nice if all 3 bros could buy a unit next to each other lol. Oh well seems like its really happening?


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