Unwrapping the christmas gifts from my colleagues, and i must say… some of them i really got WOW-ed. Literally eyes open big big in disbelief. Hmmmmm, lets share my top 3 pressies! hehe

3. Very popz casual sling from the brand Chocolate!

To think i was just browsing around in Orchard Road with Jan earlier looking for a casual sling exactly like this! Been wanting to get a black one, though its not in the colour i wanted but i think this is best as a gift. Cos its a colour that i would not have if its not a gift by others, good to have sth different once in awhile ya?

2. Xiaomi Powerbank!!

This is totally one of those things which i've been wanting but will not spend the money to buy. Lolol. But damm practical la, ever since i saw Dav bought this and i kope his to use in Bali, i've been toying with the idea that "maybe its good to have"

1. Make up brush kit from 3CE!!

Lo and behold….. and its in hot pink! Damm chio, the moment i pulled the box out of the wrapper, i was a lil surprised when i saw 3CE already. Open already and saw 5 most handy brushes inside. Not bullshitting, but earlier on i was just at Sephora telling Jan how nice one of their make up brush set is, at $75! Out of curiosity went to webby to check out, this is retailing at like 65USD. Totally one of those thing which i would love to have, but once again 不舍得买.


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