Time check: 10:50am

Slept for 5 hours and now im up and about, otw to City Plaza for work! Zombified.

Weekend is so short to compensate for the tiring weekdays, but oh well glad we made the most out of my saturday though!

Woke up pretty early on Sat to head to Jurong to make a delivery plus cny shopping! Ate at sushi express and its really quite worthwhile!

Time check: 1.38pm

Oh where was I? Talking about my lunch at Sushi Express right….nothing exactly worth noting there la, except that i think my taste buds are changing again! I used to hate wasabi and not touch them at all. Ever since last weekend super awesome meal at chijmes, i thought hey i should try the really fresh sushi with wasabi, and i actually took a liking for it hehe 😍

And so the boy accompanied me to do some shopping. These days i really think i wardrobe crisis, too long never buy clothes or mix and match them until im also clueless with my concept. Literally showed the picture of my top to the boy and tell him "ok this is the powder blue top that im going to wear for cny, help me pick a necklace from louvisa". And went to another shop "nah this is the red pleated shorts i have for cny, help me pick a white top to go with it" 😁😁

Okay la, think this is also a kind of bonding and fun right lolol.

Wanted to go to global work to look at clothes and thats where we got intercepted by a man. Surprisingly, the boy stopped to listen!! Usually he will siam like nobody business for wedding roadshows and im not joking when i say this.. but he very kua zhang one.. he will even go to the extent to tell those guys like we are siblings or tell me ltr we dont hold hands near the roadshow just to siam those guys 😂😂

So imagine my face being like this. And the man thought i was shocked because he suddenly intercept us, but actually i was shocked because the boy stopped lol. Then the man continued asking if we have been to taiwan and stuff, asked us to sit down to see their portfolio for 5mins. The boy tried to decline several times la, say we in a rush and we'll contact them when we want. But eventually still relented to their request to sit down. In the end it became like a sales prep talk la…

Honestly i wasnt quite prepped for this so cannot really be bothered initially. They just started showing us more n more photos. And more and more concepts, places, videos and case studies. I was quite excited about it la, but srsly me and the boy never even talked about this before or what concept we want, the closest we had was he said he asked his campmate who is a wedding photog for the price of a local shoot and his friend said 3K. Period.

Long story cut short. The sharing session kinda wow me in most areas la and when they talked about the package. The boy was like ok he dont mind paying 2k deposit. I was like "whuuuuut?" But the sales lady said this " if you guys already have the intention to wed one day, why not get the package first since its valid for 5yrs and more, if you dont force urself to put aside this sum of money now, you'll never get to save and by wedding day, there will be too much to save for."

And yea. So we really signed the package on the spot haha, paid a lesser deposit and got a lot more freebies. 😁😁 But i think we could have gotten more! Dammit! Ok la suan le, kai xin jiu hao. One thing off the checklist

Rushed to punggol topaz for friend's housewarming. And played with so many babies! Super cute laaaa.. saw a lot of interesting house decor, my friend's living room is really cosy. And projected their tv/movies onto the wall, very big and nice! Ended the night with mj and mcdee hehe


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