Happiest moment ever! Guess my hard work is paid off partially with my bonus. For the 1st time in my life, i can finally feel that i have my own substantial savings now. The satisfaction of getting so close to my 1st milestone *pat on my back

Bought my skinmiso nosepack again, but this time round with the comedo remover!

Think my makeup routine is pretty much complete now, i'll just need to get a lippie colour (thinking of trying hot pink or like the colour that melodyyap posted on IG today, quite nice leh! like pink but realise its fuschia) and a new brow liner after im done with my kpalette one.

As for skincare, damm lazy me just read that ice has the same effect as toner, shall try that lol.

If not once i finish all my products, am thinking of changing to the shiseido full suit from cleansing to softener blah blah. Hmmmm still thinking…. looking for a good facial scrub/exfoliater too!


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