Super happy! Met up with E today, finally after so long. Went to Cafe Melba at Fort Road, nice chill place and talked for like 3hrs non-stop, just catching up. And omg im so happy for him that he has moved on, and dating an influencer now, whom i think is quite down-to-earth and elegant from her IG. Just hope and pray for good news from him soooon 🙂

Looking at all the jimbaran corn photos from the bloggers, reminded me of how yummy it was! Its really as good as it looked in the pictures lor. Fly me back to bali nowweew

Was reading this article on TNP that there have been videos of women undressing in the changing rooms being uploaded to porn site and its in SG!! Some videos even revealed the faces.

Srsly? Like that how!

OMG. Went to Fossil today and saw they have a new release. Mad chio!! Big clockface, thin strap, burgundy leather strap. Everything was perfect, though i wish the clockface was more simple. But still, very nice la. Trying to find a picture but cant find the exact shade, but same design as this!

When worn.

Same design but different strap colour


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