Wow. Just wow. Been watching 我的宝贝四千金, love the story of the four sisters. Its nearing the end of the drama when the youngest sister got tgt with the "neighbour cum teacher" and surprised everyone with her pregnancy. And now suddenly news broke out that she really 未婚先孕 but its with another co-actor in the drama. As though drama really came to life! And 王阳明just got engaged too!

Bursting with joy! Today is indeed a happy day. Thanks to all these happy boosters
✅ Had my shortest yet most productive meeting at the airport 10mins!
✅ Got to pang kang early and leave from airport straight at 5.15pm
✅ Due to the unexpected early knock-off, called Browhaus and managed to get myself a last min appt for brows and upper lip threading
✅ Random ang moh started to chat me up in the train (elaborate ltr)

✅ the therapist that attended to me today is super nice and gave a lot of tips & suggestions and found out that shes the master specialist of raffles city browhaus. so good that i had to buy a $200 package under her
✅ flat selection appt date is out on 19 Jun!
✅ managed to clear my tacky campaigns that were causing me a lot of stress today

Oh yes back to the ang moh, was so focused on clearing emails through my phone that i was oblivious to my surrounding. Was staring at my phone when in the train from tanah merah to city hall, and suddenly tot i heard someone talking to me. And saw this ang moh asking how long does it take to reach city. So i said 20-30mins. There were so many ppl next to him but he was just there looking at me, i actually noticed cos i saw people were looking at me and him. After awhile he started showing me his

sms and asking about getting data. And his data all in bahasa indo, i catch no ball and duno what he wants. Realised he wanted data so obviously first thing that came to my mind i asked him to go 7-11 or cheers to buy starhub prepaid. In my mind i was thinking "wu ya bo? send a tourist to ask me about prepaid, is it soy?!" lol. anyway he started chatting more and more, talk about hdb flats and sg economy. And we talked like machiam friends, even took out sweets to gimme haha

And his eyes are blueeeeeeeee. Anyway thats beside the point, after that i realised i noticed this ang moh the monent i boarded train at changi airport la. For some reason when i boarded he had some action so our eyes met for awhile. But at that time he was seated and im standing. Haha and somehow he prolly just found his way next to me when we changed train.

But all in all, had a good convo!


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