Yesterday night only 100pts and now i have 400! wheeee!

Wah if i can get 350pts everyday and it takes 500pts to get Watsons voucher $2, i think i can accumulate quite quickly to buy my toiletries and cosmetics! lol #cheapthrills #ahjummamodeon

I must say Popstation is really pretty cool! For this, I forgive you Singpost for dropping my taobao loots at some ulu pandan CC which they think is nearest to my house. But its like super inconvenient please! The whole experience was quite a swift and pleasant one la, and my loots package look quite amusing, like some dubious stuff lol


Sucker for hair accessories! hahahaha opened the box and all these dropped out, can do all sorts of hairstyle, scorpion what not. But too bad i short hair still lol

Extremely pleased with both of my new spectacles! 很chio leh!!!


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