Greatest joke ever! LOL. Was looking for cheap fare deals during 24-28 june to celebrate our birthdays and since we took leave anyways. Saw Ho Chih Min at only $220 for 2! Like quite wuhua ah? I'll imagine the trip like paying staycation price in SG but being able to see the world. The boy wasnt too keen though, asked him to source for alternatives and he screenshot to Yangon. Got stunned and asked he prefer Myanmar over Vietnam? And his reply was epic…

Yangon not Korea ah? 😂😂😂😂

Tickets bought! So far my most YOLO moment in terms of travelling, just saw the deal today and bought it right away and flying next month! And to be honest, it has never crossed my mind that i'll be travelling to Ho Chi Minh anytime soon. In my mind it has always been HK, Korea, HK, Korea.

Thankful for so many friends who came forward to gimme tips, advice and contacts! 🙏


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