Morning Sunshine! Concussed early last night after watching half a day of anime Sword Art Online with the boy. And yes, we spent our Saturday nuaing at home and DIY IC photo for him to renew his passport. He has been asking me to rewatch his anime with him, so okay la, i thought "never say never" just like how sometimes i catch a good show and wish he watched it with me like the Sensory Couple. Turns out that the anime really got me hooked 😂

And talking about IC photo, as we didnt have the luxury of time to head to ICA and its cheaper to renew online, so we had to take our own. And obviously it was so exasperating to get a good shot cos 1) it has to be against a plain white bg with no shadows 2) face has to be frontal with hair neat and not covering facial features we had to take the photo in his corridor because of the natural lighting yet wind was so strong that it kept blowing his hair and non-white bg!

So eventually i offered if he could get me Photoshop, i will photoshop for him haha. And tada! I magnetic lasso him out, changed to a white background, clone and touched up his hair and adjusted the contrast. Lol was so tempted to DI smooth and perfect skin for him but ok la sure kena reject, haha so i didnt.

Anyway now im getting 2hrs of me-time trying to do up the itinerary (while the boy is out to study) before leaving for Bugis to bring my folks out for lunch!

Vietnam is getting me pretty psyched, i originally signed up for it without knowing what im getting myself into. After much research and seeing what the bloggers are doing in HCM now…. omg i saw pictures of PEELED CRAB CLAWS. Like mountains and mountains of it in the market lol.

Itinerary almost 70% done! Secretly booked for 3 private tours, 2 from my colleague's friend who is a local and runs a pretty well know tour group (top 7 or 8 on tripadvisor yo!) and another 1 from another tour coy that i found on tripadvisor, think top 3! Deliberately left out the details when i told the boy, its my way of bday pressie for him i guess. I think he's gonna love this surprise!


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