My weekends zoomed past like that again! πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

FRI // TGIF was good. Because it was movie date with @sitianwong! Felt like it was back to the good o' school days where we had papaya soup at xingwang, b&js and gong cha! Pitch Perfect 2 was real entertaining with all the Fat Amy scenes, songs were alrighttttt (pitch perfect 1)!

SAT // Spent the first half of the day nua-ing and then it was off to Sentosa for kickscooting with the interest group BWSS that we joined sometime back. There were only couple of hundreds of people in the group back then and now its already more than a thousand! Anw, it was good fun, saw gorgeous sunset in Sentosa too. Ended the night with baby Eden and mj at friend's house!

SUN // Spent the early afternoon finishing Sword Art Online and off we went to Little India for my work recce. Spent two hours odd to comb the entire area from Jalan Besar to Farrer Park with a backpack each like a tourist and oh boy, we were both drenched in sweat and mad tired. Thank god i have the boy with me for company. Rushed home to meet the bro for 10mins before he head home 😦 Gotta wait 2 weeks to see him again.

Oh well…. and now its back to reality. Can't wait to catch two movies this week though – Mad Max and Tomorrowland. Both were highly raved for, imdb ratings 8.9 and 8.6 respectively. ✌️✌️


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