Murphy's Law at work early morning. Indeed, everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong.

Procrastinated to check out some items on Taobao since Sunday and i finally sat myself down to get it done this morning. Yet it says problem encountered, my mobile payment is disabled. 😕

To unwind, decided to play my recent mobile game craze LINE Dragonica since i have accumulated tons of stamina but got no time to play. And error msg says "Server maintaintenance"..

Thought "ok fine! i'll watch my newly downloaded RM this morning" which i have trsf to my phone earlier and did a test before i left home. Watch the first 10secs of the vid and suddenly it kicked me out and refreshed last week's episode which I have already overwrite with the new episode. And the new episode is nowhere to be found in my Videos.

Wow. Bizzare or what? 😒

Feeling bummed for not making it to Crossfit tonight, mainly cos class was full and didnt wanna risk turning up and being declined entry.

But glad that im still keeping to my 3X weekly fitness promise for myself. Had Yoga on Mon, heading for Zumba class with the boy on Sat and gyming together at home on Sun. Working hard to shed those fats on the potential butterfly arms lol

Just got home and nursing a bad migraine. 😩

Booked myself an impromptu spa massage tomorrow at healing touch! Need to unwind badly. Wanted to try those TCM massage deals on groupon actually, but cant guarantee i can secure an appt tmrw. So decided to go back to the trusty healing touch since they allow me to do online booking. Trying out yishun orchid country club outlet for the first time though, excited!

Ok meanwhile time to KO!


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