End of Shiru's bachelorette staycay! I must say the suite and service is really top-notch, though i think we made quite a din throughout the stay. Getting complained for our loud volume at 2am cos we were all doing our own mtv in the bedroom, singing and dancing to Bang Bang Bang 😂😂😂

Bay Sushi is damm yumz and highlights were all the crazy dares that the BTB did. Like going up to the Jap sushi chef to ask him to make a sushi on the spot for her and feed her and make it free! LOL

And asking a guy to buy her a free coffee at Beanstro and ask for it to be take away. Dancing Ballerina along Helix Bridge and shouting "im no longer available, SORRY~!" at mbs outdoor lol.

And of cos all these were successful and captured on video 😀

Having the time of my life at Green Apple Spa now haha. Considering that i only slept for 5hrs last night and couldnt move a inch as four of us are squeezed on a bed, my body's aching! And in need of some R&R. Saw reviews that Green Apple Spa is good and decided to try it out. Massage yet to start but the place is really quite comfy. Its like a very small hall with many big sofa armchair that can retract the back with a remote and headphones and a huge screen projector with movie playing. 👍🏼

60mins of foot massage & 15mins shoulder, neck and head massage about to start!

See ya later! 😁


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