This was me after hot yoga the other day, totally zen mode on.

But not so during the standing poses during the hot yoga. Now i really believe i have low blood sugar, i've always suspected since i get giddy spells since young whenever i wake up too fast from my bed, or till the two blackouts in bkk and in orchard and till when i started yoga in CC, teacher always say, dont tilt ur head and look back if u have low blood sugar cos u'll feel giddy.

so halfway through the hot yoga, the poses are all manageable and not very foreign to me, but cos of all the standing poses where i have to look down, look back, i started to feel giddy la, and didnt want to push myself too hard, so i sat down and rest thru the warrior II poses. 休息是为了走更长远的路, indeed.

But poor boy was looking like this! Haha after the hot yoga, he told me "now i really really admire your determination for yoga and how hard it is when you tell me about your practices" lol cos his legs were trembling the whole time and felt like he was going to get blackouts continuously. And last night saw that he got blue blacks on his thighs, lower back etc. Aiyooo!

I've got classes everyday this week to make full use of the guavapass and also cos next week gonna be busy with shiru's wedding prep!

This week's schedule looking like this:

✅ Monday – Yoga Intermediate @ CC
✅ Tuesday – PhysioFit @ UnderArmour
✅ Wednesday – Cozyroom Massage
✅ Thursday – Yoga Basics @ Space & Light Vivo
✅ Friday – Meeting with the bridesmaids/bestmans entourage
✅ Saturday – Spinning Class @ CruCycle
✅ Sunday – Chair Yoga


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