Felt like i havent really been updating my social media for eons. Crazy whirlwind of busy schedules – work, events, fitness etc. And i've been sitting and procrastinating on many stuff for months! Things like renewing my passport, researching for biz idea with the boys and things just keep piling on. 😱

Things that keep me going this weekend is the spinning class @ crucyle that im going to in a bit and my chair yoga tomorrow!!

Next week's highlight would be none other than shiru's wedding on both Sat & Sun! Our gatecrashing ideas are damm fun i swear 😏 and good for video/photos and for a laugh over banquet lolol πŸ˜‚

Other than these, would be the taiwan trip with the folks happening next yr March! Nothing's booked, and im stressed planning for the 一老 but i guess it'll be all worthwhile

Sorry that im just blabbering on in a non-sequential manner haha. But i guess this is what micro blogging is about? you speak whats in your mind – and yes, its in an incoherent state right now lol

Oh yes… something that i've been wanting to share, love my skininc cleanser!! Been using it for almost a month and i think i can't do without it now haha. Am contemplating to get another bottle to leave it at the boyfie's place already 😝


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