Oh my tian. Total mismatch disaster today!

Booked myself a Pilates class this morning and i didnt realise that most of my sports wear/clothes are in the bf's place!!

Wanted to wear my usual yoga 3/4 tights, realised both pairs are at the boy's place and another pair in the office. So i thought "dang, nevermind i can get past it with fbt shorts lor…"
Wanted to bring my backpack or crumpler so that it matches my outfit this morning and realise both not at home too!!

"hao lor, i'll just bring my gai gai sling bag" at this point, my outfit already looking damm weird. and the ultimatum…. wanted to wear my flops and leave house, then realise i've 2 pairs at the boy's place and 1 pair in office!!

Just imagine my final outfit. 我都不敢看了 🙈

Exactly what i'm doing now. Plugging in to my mp3, leeching Capitaland WiFi and drinking my ice cubes coco mocha off my hand lol

Thought since i have some free idle time now, so lets pent down some thoughts! actually, tbh i've 1million and 1 things to write about at the back of my head, every single time, but just no time to do it. hence eventually i'll always be like "aiya, nvm, do it tmrw" in the end, it became so outdated by the time i wanted to write about it or i would forget about what i wanted to write.

Note to self: do not go to Quiche nail salon anymore!

Thou i had a good time chatting with the two manicurists that were working on my feet and hands but i felt that the way the coy do business is too much luh! Every now and then they will ask me if i want to do this, do that, and its like the top-up price quite exp one lor! Felt that they were trying to upsell too much, even at the wnd when they were trying to get me to buy the package. So glad that i didnt! Its ok if it lasts.. but guess what? my gelish manicure came off liao, in less than a week

Dinner plans to scoot out for dinner at Little Vietnam 泡汤.

Thanks to the haze!! Suddenly went up to unhealthy range again. 😕

Spontaneous plan change to DIY mala steamboat at home! Not too bad la hor?


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