Dropped by BOWS – the outdoor wedding roadshow @ Dhoby Gaut green since I have some time to kill before heading to the hospital.

Actually the boy had asked few days back whether im keen to go check it out but i told him better not, cos such fairs usually give very good promotional rates if you sign on the spot, and we cannot afford to do so now, plus we suck at rejecting sales offer plus 2018 is still quite far away la….

But since i had some time to kill, so i decided to go check it out alone. Which isnt that bad an idea actually cos i could use that as an excuse that i need to discuss with my bf to turn down pushy sales talk lol. My intention was to check out rates so that we can do some budgeting and effective planning in advance as packages are rising steeply every year due to inflation. So we really should just chope a package first! These are some that i have good vibes of so far!

Odelia Bridal, Beautiful Love Wedding, Z Wedding, White Link, Blue Bay

On a side note, met my ex-client-turned-friend at the wedding and heard very good reviews about Queena from all the bridal coys here, very thankful ☺️

Grandpa has been hallucinating for two days, very worried 😔 he's just no longer behaving like himself anymore


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