Grandpa's condition has taken a turn for the worse. The monent all of us left the hospital, he went into a frenzy mode again, calling everybody and making a scene in the hospital till the nurse asked one of his guardians to head to the hospital at 2am to be by his side. My dad, uncles and aunties were probably up all night and dashed to the hospital at 3am, 5am and even brought my grandma down. Heard that he has been scolding my grandma for admiting him to the hospital yada yada.


一波未平,一波又起。Another breaking news today, can't think…

Skipped yoga today (which is the last lesson somemore) to lug my laptop home so that i can work in the hospital tomorrow. Feeling a bit down today for various reasons, but the pack of truffle chips made me feel better. Shall go hunt for it!

This is da bomb! 😋😋

Finally received the letter from HDB! To sign our letter of agreement next Monday, this is getting real…. Gotta pay downpayment n stamp fees too!


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