Picture paints a thousand words, so here goes! Happy to witness another matrimony, writing this while taking a short break before heading out for work. Some phototaking before the ceremony..

Congrats to both!

😎: ζˆ‘ηš„ζ–°ε¨˜ε‘’οΌŸ

This man is very popular with the kids there today. Look at how cute she is! I asked her to twist for the photo and she really did! hehe

Officially, man and wife!

Manahed to grab a selfie with the bride!

The 3 musketeers lol

Some snapchat fun with the new lenses! This is supposed to be after the explosion, hence our expression lol

Love is in the air 😍 The boy is very spontaneous and on cue, suddenly become emcee one moment, another moment became nanny, and then became AV man and when we were taking photo, the photog saw us asked him to jim ji lei (give a kiss) and he really just did lol. And now he's probably happily chilling and drinking in the hotel room..

And my chio necklace!! My photography skills sucks

The boy kena caught in the act by my friend – kept trying to annoy me by playing with my dumbo ears!!

Cabbing to Century Sq for work now and running a migraine 😭😭 its only half of the day, still got long day to go one leh..

Feeling so so sleepy.. feel like whole day ζˆ‘εœ¨θ΅ΆεœΊ!! Just ended work and now im in the train to Clarke Quay to join the rest again for singing, dinner and chilling. Feeling bummed that by the time i reached, probably only have another hr left, cos they started singing since 430 πŸ˜” And i unknowingly skipped my lunch today, im famished!


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