This week has been an extremely tiring and eventful one, eventful in the sense of my clumsy mishaps. So glad i'm on leave tomorrow, still planning my afternoon window though!

✅ 12-3: Lunch with mum and visit my grandpa
✅ 4-5: Asian fusian massage at Healing Touch
✅ 545- 7: Haircut at Blackhairsalon
✅ 730 onwards: xdl with joyce!

Am contemplating to go for a good massage to destress or to go for a haircut or just chill at a cafe

OMG. Came back to my desk and saw this! *squeals*

Part of me is still squealing in excitement that i can get to attend s.h.e + aaron's concert. Somemore seat is quite good!

Brings back all the secondary school memories of singing their k songs, think im gonna sing my lungs out lol

Tomorrow's schedule fully planned and booked too! Can't wait to head home to stream SWP and sleep in heh


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