All I could remember was of me squealing "Mummy!" damm loudly in NEX udon's restaurant.

Brought mum to have lunch at my favourite jap hideout. And while we were chatting halfway and me happily eating my prawn tempura, she kicked the entire table so much that the bowls slid out of the tray and the soup spilled over my top, my shorts and my sandals. Its so epic that i just squealed mummy and next second i was looking down at myself shocked at what just happened.

And there i was thinking shit how to go out later? Luckily the soup missed my necklace by a inch and unfortunately the mess landed on one of my sandals, the one with my injured toe. And of all days i decided not to wrap my toe today 😑😑

Now i smell like udon.

omg i love shopping at Temt! Bought four tops and only paid $44 😂😂😂

And so.. after the mishap this afternoon, everything else went well lol. Brow waxing checked. Haircut checked. Shopping checked. HTHT with @joycetoh checked!

After XDL, both of us went to Starbucks cos the christmas drinks are back!! Hell yeahhhh…

This was taken in Temt after my haircut. Snipped off an inch and basically asked Raymond to give some shape to my hair.. I'll be back for colour dye someday!

After dinner, we went to check out Meyson and look! Diamond ring quite affordable leh! Though not grade D, but still quite close and hearts & arrow too.


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