How I Spent My Leave

Bought my lanvin perfume! Beauty language is having their christmas sale and lucky le bestie took photo and showed me! Jas's coy has year end perfume sale also and honestly i was spoilt for choice! Cos the perfumes are like 40-70% OFF! After weighing much choices, i finally bought my first bottle of Lanvin. Most likely gonna go for Chloe/Ferragamo Incanto Charm with Jas, buy back and keep! 😁

Annual Affair to the River Safari/Zoo

Got corporate pass again this time and i love visiting attractions on a work day! Because it's so empty and we had the entire river boat to ourselves lol. But the river boat damm disappointing luh, see only 3 animals lol. Somemore the flamingo we saw it in the zoo on foot without having to pay $5 😂😂

Heading home now for some family time and me-time catching up on drama hehe

Feeling bummed for missing laoban's last day though. Look what she got for us!!

I loveeee getting custom made pressies for people and usually i'm the one getting caricature for people. But never had I once received one for myself.

Spot me in the picture! I must say, look damm alike la…. 😆

I have no idea why mine is #micromini honestly but i have a feeling it has to do with mini skirts haha 😂

And my colleague was telling me "wah prepaid team got cleavage!" haha cos me and her caricature are the only ones with cleavage LOL


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