S.H.E – 我的青春

Catching up 少女时代 publicity period and this cracked me up!

Sian, why my video no audio one!!! Lucky got subtitles!

Why so careless, forever forgettinf my stuff!! Purposely left my quilt jacket next to my bag and in the end i still left home without my jacket.

To think my Dad still asked if i brought everything and i proudly say yes!! brought my tickets!!

Can hardly wait for the concert tonight yo! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Bought a quilt parka inner lined with wool at Uniqlo at only $39.90! Such a steal laaaa… gonna wear this to HK, Taiwan & more!

Saying hi from Indoor Stadium! 亚纶 is singing but poor thing, not very exciting leh… even though i like him. More as an actor i guess lol

S.H.E never disappoint! Just like what they said, indeed, 她们是我们的青春!

Best part of the concert was being able to hear Hebe sing 小幸运 LIVE which was totally not part of the concert rundown. And was spontaneously coerced by Ella to sing a snippet of it lol. Thankfully i got it caught on snapchat!

Why of all days my snapchat videos cannot save one?!?! Anyone facing the same prob??

Oh so, it's because my iPhone ran out of storage space. All is good now hahaha. Feelin a lil more 感触良多 after s.h.e concert and after rewatching my snapchat. Feeling the sore throat setting in too hahaha 🙊🙊🙊

Good night world!


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