After watching Our Times, i finally decided to catch 那些年

But i'm not sure if its just me or what, but I was honestly disappointed in 那些年. Perhaps Our Times set the bar too high and i was half expecting 那些年 to be as good. Or maybe I didn't watch it in the cinema or maybe it was lacking the ambience.

I didn't tear a single bit. Not anywhere close. Maybe the story is very relevant to real life, that you may not end up with someone you like. But i felt that the execution was just meh, really slow-paced.

On the other hand, although Our Times was much more exaggerated but its scenes were much more relatable to me. The 明星梦 fangirl era, snail mails etc. Like how humour is also intertwined with tear wrecking scenes and love the 伏笔 that the writer hides within the script.

Small little details like do you when 大宇recorded the tape for 真心, how he started talking about her 缺点 before ending with a very cheesy i love you in chimology foreign langauge. That was what 真心 taught him in the bookstore

about writing love letter to girls and how to impress them. And the book which she picked up to pass to him, the title was that "i love you" 😍😍😍 *melts!*


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