Just wondering, how many of you actually do budgeting for your monthly income?

Usually i'll do my budgeting on the day I get my pay but i'll always have issues keeping to it lol. But i'll be happy and consider "job well done" if i only withdraw like $100-$300 from my savings (which i put it at the start of each pay cycle). So i secretly wonder if this is the result of me being over optimistic and chucking aside too much $$ for savings at the start. And if i put in lesser maybe end of the day i don't need to take out?

On my way to collect my essential oils now and to check out electronic stores to get my stand mixer and oven thermometer 😬

Feeling excited thinking about all these even though it hasnt been a very pleasant day at work! But im gonna keep the positive spirits up

Out of office, out of mind!

Casetify iPhone cases are mad chio!!!

Finally gotten my own hand mixer!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Was supposed to buy my oven thermometer to measure the temperatures for the diff modes of my lok lol oven. But somehow seems like its harder to find that as opposed to a mixer. Somemore Philips hand mixer selling at only $39! I think it's quite a good deal? Though stand mixer is better but it looks quite zhor ding and not very portable.

Tried Lazada for the first time and I find it so cute that they sent me an email listing how my order will be split into 3 shipment with different ETA lol

Anyways. Seems like im more or less ready to embark on my Project Merry! 🎁

It's very scary but I realised I've spent $320 on Project Merry till date and i still have items/gifts not settled.


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