Dental Nightmare

Just made a dental appointment next Thursday! While I'm looking forward to my leave next Wed-Fri, i'm trembling at the fear of going to the dentist.

Seeing a dentist is like my greatest fear. Never take proper care since young plus having a sweet tooth totally doesn't help. And dental treatment cost a bomb!! In my efforts to save my pocket, the last time i went through polyclinic to do scaling and filling. But cos its so subsidised, i can only do 1 filling at a time.

Plus, each appointment is easily 6months apart. And the last i know i had one more filling to do plus was referred to hospital specialist to do crowning. Which is extremely scary and expensive but was deferred because the dentist said i could take the risk of not doing yet as it could take very long for fillings to drop. Going back to dentist again to revisit all these is a nightmare. Just gonna pray hard that i can keep within the coy dental subsidy and can skip crowning/root canal.

And pray that the female dentist is nice and gentle!!

YESSAH! Feeling happy after my 3rd session of IPL at Ginza Calla. Frankly speaking, I DREAD going for my ipl because the vline zap is such a torture to go through! I remember it being ok somehow for my 1st time but the 2nd time was as hell. It feels like you're getting zapped and you feel a pulse shot through your skin giving you a stinging pain. Today was as bad that when it got to certain sensitive parts, my leg literally lifted and jerked lolol 😂 Until the person gotta say sorry to me haha

But on the bright side! Ginza brought in a new machine which now uses a slider. So instead of zapping each spot, they slide through with the slider. It covers a bigger surface area and zaps at the same time covering different spots. I would like to describe this as how its like when i found bliss after experiencing threading/waxing VS plucking eyebrow. Also, the new machine is supposedly slightly more effective and cooling is stronger so im supposed to only heat/warmth and not the stinging pain.

So obviously typical Singaporean me asked for a free trial. Wah if really so good and painless, I don't mind having to top up $128 la. Because seriously i think the old machine's pulse shot is putting me off and i might just skip ipl eventually. My therapist asked where I would like to try it so i jumped onto the chance and say "upper lip"! While lying down i was kinda regretting my decision because imagining the pulse shot pain on my delicate face is a big "nono" already. đŸ˜©đŸ˜©đŸ˜©

BUT i felt no pain at all! All i felt was heat from the slider for the 1st time. And 2nd time i felt like she just sayang me with the slider, no sensation at all. I was sold!!

Soooo you can guess the rest of the story.. I was convinced. I was told Ginza is stopping all their unlimited session plans next month but because i'm existing customer i can top up $128 and retain my underlimited underarm and v line and be swopped to the new machine. And since underarm has been quite effective for me and upper lip felt like a breeze to me, i asked about upper lip unlimited package. And my therapist said its $988. Thick-skinned me asked if there was a discount if i do both.

And she said that theres a $100 discount and 5% plus i can pay installments. So i asked to see the plans and imagine i was already so prepared to pay the $988 and $128 since no more unlimited plans next month. But when she showed me the plans, upper lip was only $580 for unlimited. So i was prepared to sign the plan and asked for calculator to count how many I gotta pay on an installment plan.

Then my therapist came out and said that her mgr told her that if i sign the $580 upper lip package, my $128 will be waived plus i get $100 discount. So eventually it was only $480 on a 6-month installment!!

Imagine this cheapskate expression on my face hahaha.

Anyways im not sure if it was a gimmick la whether the voltage was deliberately lowered so that i felt less pain with the new machine. But i guess the therapist seems really nice and didnt hardsell me at all, so i chose to believe the good. Am a happy girl! Hope that i no longer have to dread going to IPL 😬😬


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