Things that go into your luggage

Currently listening: 毕书尽 – Love More

Hooked onto this song!! Finally managed to sync 小幸运 into my iPhone this morning too. Can't believe my phone is almost full, 64GB leh!! 有没有这么快 😑

On my schedule today:
✅ 10 – 11AM: Morning meeting
✅ 12 – 1.30PM: Lunch + collect tablet from bf's house + load it with movies for my plane ride tomorrow
✅ 1.30PM – 2.30PM: Lunch meeting
✅ 2.30 – 6.30PM: Clear work + Handover
✅ Evening onwards: Change HKD, pack money, load more shows into iPhone, download offline maps

Welcome to my life 😅😅😅

Almost forgot about downloading offline maps!! Even though i have my pocket WiFi but not sure if most know that almost every country has a fair usage regulation policy so for HK its capped at 500MB/day. Most likely im just gonna save that data for messaging and snapchatting. And to save time, downloading offline maps a must!

Just when im going on leave, the whole world decided to send in their briefs lol. Hate the feeling of having things hanging but gotta leave office to catch the money changer and continue at home later. And luckily i did!!

Just look at the queue. And this is the Collection queue. I needa queue under Payment queue first and go through ANOTHER queue to collect my currency. So its pain x2! Thank goodness the rate is quite good la…

Summing up my To-Do list again as a mental note!

✅ Pocket WiFi rental confirmation received
✅ Credit card overseas usage activated
✅ Tablet (my in-flight entertainment) collected
✅ HKD currency changed
✅ Flight and travel itinerary/impt info printed
❎ Mongkok offline map on Google – not done
❎ Bag packing – not done
❎ Load Tablet with more shows – not done

And so, I was wondering what are the things that go into your handcarry/luggage when you go overseas?

Obviously, im ususlly the kind that tends to overpack. Cos' i always feel that its better to overpack than to underpack – imagine you need something and the anxiety of not having it?

This is what that goes into my bag! Much easier this time since its just a day trip.

📌 Uniqlo fur-lined parka (heard its 16-20degrees in Hk!)
📌 2 wallets
📌 Medicine
📌 Tablet loaded with shows
📌 Power bank
📌 Earphones
📌 Itineraries
📌 Motion sickness pill
📌 Candy
📌 Extra handcarry
📌 Cantonese handbook

📌 Brolly
📌 Passport


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