I should be sleeping early tonight. But just done with work and just done with booking ferry to Bintan. *broke out in cold sweat* for a moment just now when i realise the timing for brf that i wanted are not available. Heng Sindo Ferry has available timings!

Suppose to be sleeping but getting myself distracted with pinterest again. Still thinking if i shd really do snowball cookies because i find the icing sugar coating too sweet leh….

Thinking of investing in a rolling pin, bread board and cookie cutter! Now, where can i get cheap supplies?

Phoon Huat? Wonder if Daiso sells all these haha

Feeling quite thankful that i dont have my own house yet which means i dont have my own Christmas tree. If not i really cant imagine how much i would splurge on decor, fairylights, christmas tableware for hosting friends for christmas dinner etc! Came out of Daiso & Spotlight, spending more than i should 😩

I think i've finally bought all my materials for Christmas!! Cannot wait to embark on Batch 1 this Sunday while the boy studies for his upcoming exams *oopsie

Very inspired to try to make churros again after reading @sunsandsea Dayre so i bought piping bag and star tip!

Actually the boy has made it for me sometime back but me being the churros fan with extremely high expectations, it failed terribly and we havent tried it till then. I think the key is always the dough and the control of the oil temperature. So yup time to give it another try! Better than wasting the cinamon sugar that we bought 😬

I'm wondering though, how would Churros turn out in airfryer? lol

Have been watching 我爱哥们 and 校园高校生. And sometime back I just downloaded 毕书尽 love more which is the latter's OST. And it only dawned upon me that he is one of the actors in 我爱哥们, that he is a korean and he was also the one who sang "Come Back to Me" another drama OST which had a chunk of hangul incorporated into the lyrics. 😍😍😍 his voice chu ah yo!


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