Now i can finally understand what people mean when they say going for work trips are not fun and nothing to be envious for. Reason being, time waits for no man. Even when you're out of office, there's simply no excuse. Work is work and you still gotta finish it as long as it falls under your care. Even if it means having to complete it at home, after office hours, into wee hours etc. Work piles up, but deadlines remain.

Welcome to reality!

As much as my philisophy is work-life balance and to refrain from bringing laptop home and turning my room into an office – i still had to make an exception today 😂😂

Team bonding tomorrow, training first half of day followed by Kuishinbo @ Suntec and Alive Museum! So thats another day down.

But secretly excited for Kuishinbo because i've been wanting to try for the longest time!! 😋😋


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