This is what Dreams are made of

Dream Proposal

I always hear people talk about what are their ideals, their dream proposal yada yada. But i never really thought about mine. Until the day when i came across this…

Then i thought to myself "Wow what a picture perfect moment. If this is the setting of a proposal – mini tent with fairy lights, baby breaths, comfy sill cushions & photos, I would be sold!"

So yup, guess i do live in my own bubble of dreams afterall lol.

And nope, I didnt tell this to the boyfie. Though i did send him a picture of this, which he had neither comments nor replies. Bubble burst 😂😂

Dream Wedding

My idea of a wedding has always been something cosy, simple and minimalistic. Somewhere outdoor for soleminization, and somewhere indoor for casual dining & gathering. There is something i hope i'll be able to include into the ceremony though – First Dance.

My hand legs coordination totally cmi. Im amazed at how bad my 同手同脚syndrome could be. But still… i think i wanna do this. If space allows ☺️ Not in such lavish attire and venue though lol

And when i finally 鼓起勇气to drop a bigger hint to the boy by showing him a snapshot of my Dayre of my "dream proposal". His reply was mehh. Maybe i just chose a wrong timing but then again.. 勇气拿出来了,摔了,不会再提了。

Trying this bottle of goodness tonight. Another gem from my Christmas haul by Joyce! Smells so good 🙆🏻🙆🏻

Finally zng my fairylights up the wall tonight. Shall let the transparent hooks hold up longer before i hang the photos up tomorrow ☺️ Decided to put up on that wall as its facing my bed, so every night before i sleep i can look at it. And also cos my vanity corner is already taken up with the huge wall art. Realise i got no more empty walls in my room anymore lol 😂

How awesome if fairylights are made with timer.. So i can set it to turn off after some time when im hopefully asleep. Anyways. Just off the fairylights and it went pitch black. Time for bed…


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