Photos put up! After eons of procrastination, I finally manage to get my photo wall up. Pictures of all my loved ones up there. And that also made me realise how limited Polaroids have i taken before. Totally under utilising my polaroid camera 😑 Shall find an occasion to bring it out again!

I've also been pretty disciplined so far at maintaining my daily beauty routine. One of my new year resolutions for 2016 is not to be a 懒女人。Everytime buy skincare/beauty products but seldom follow through especially the 3-step cleaning. This time round im making concerted effort to do so every morning and night! And i'll rotate my serums, realise i have too many 😅 Day serum i'll go with the nice smelling Olive ampuole and night serum i'll use either estee night repair or nourishing oil.

Cleanser will be trusty Skin Inc and moisturizer would be Dr GL. Toner im using Yves Rocher now but am planning to replace once im done with my current bottle. Will update if i can see better results 😁


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